Big Fish 117 Ministries was founded in 2004 and originally we worked in communities where there are health and social inequalities. The heart behind the project, is to bridge gaps in communities and support people in situations where there is lack, poverty or need. By 2007, our large house in Camberley became a place of refuge and we have welcomed more than 500 homeless folk including youngsters, families, services veterans and street homeless adults. The vision for our work has expanded and we now deliver a range of community activities acknowledging and responding to the increasing homeless issue.

The café is a step toward a bigger vision to set up a twenty four hour service that would welcome veterans & homeless people in need and facilitate health & well being services, journeying with visitors towards hope and a better future.

Knowing the local need amongst older veterans and older adults the cafe’ is our response to bridging some of those gaps. Its a real privilege to be part of this vision and the demand is great, we are getting busier each month as more people hear about us. Since we started we have welcomed over 80 people in need. On our busiest nights, we can feed more than thirty plus people, who enjoy a warm welcome, good company and a safe place to be.